A guide to fair Feedback

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Feedback is one of the most important factors on ebay. Clear and honest feedback helps both buyers and sellers to transact business in a safe way and therefore it is important that you treat feedback with respect.

Obviously, leaving positive feedback is appreciated by both parties involved. It's also nice to see feedback that is a little more descriptive than 'A+++' as it's helpful to see why a transaction was positive, what makes a seller particularly good.

If, as a buyer you are not happy with your purchase, it's only fair to give the seller an opportunity to resolve any issues you may have before you decide to leave anything but positive feedback. Most sellers are happy to refund you or offer replacements. It's true to say that all transactions can end positively as long as both parties are given a chance. If you're still unhappy with the result, think about how the seller attempted to help you.

Remember, if you buy a product from thebhigh street and you aren't happy with it, would wouldn't just tell everyone how bad they were, you would take that product back and let the shop resolve your issues.

Be honest but fair with your feedback.

If, as a seller you have received anything but positive feedback from a buyer, try not to leave likewise feedback out of spite. This makes you look unprofessional. Obviously, if you have reason to, just be honest and fair.

Don't be afraid to leave feedback for fear of receiving the same in retaliation. It is up to us all to provide feedback to all buyers and sellers, good or bad so that the next person is fully aware of the kind of person they will be dealing with.

If you are on the receiving end of retaliation feedback, just remember that you can always reply to feedback received. It's important that you don't react unprofessionally as this will not help the situation. But most buyers/sellers will read the comments and will most likely ignore it once they know why it happened.

Feedback is a completely personal choice, but it is important that both parties are fair to each other and communication is the key to ensuring that the feedback system on ebay is not abused.

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