A guide to safer buying on EBAY

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Hi , I suppose I might be considered experienced at this lark as I've got nearly 16,000 feedbacks so I must have fallen for a few of the pitfalls you all want to avoid - here's some rules that SHOULD keep you out of trouble and stop you from being ripped off .....

Not necessarily in the most important order first to last but together, form a list of do's and don't's that could take any prospective pain away.

Let me also say that 99% of all trades go well - its only the occasional one that might go wonky - and even less often , go completely bad - but THOSE are the ones you hear about - as a buyer I've had maybe 6 in 15,000 transactions that really left a bad taste in my mouth - let that be a gauge as to how often it happens.

1) Learn to read between the lines on a description - if the description dosent say its in good nick ,dont belive it is just because the pic looks ok

its only a two inch pic,after all - thats what questions are for so ask some

2) I rarely buy items unless the photo is an actual photo of the item - I deal in pc games -shove a pic up of the cover of the game from the makers website and you may well be buying a tatty 3rd hand chewed dvd case - buy what you can see !!

3) Look at the persons reputation -their  feedback score - and how much trade he does - believe me, a guy with a 100% record after 12 trades isnt as reliable as a guy with a 98% record over 2500 - if hes got negs -read them and his replies - look to see if he ships worldwide -not ALL postal systems are as reliable as Royal Mail and that could be the issue with some of his negs  

4) Not all new sellers are dodgy -but some are, look at how they got their last few trades-16 x wallpapers @ 1p dosent make them a reliable scource to buy a £300 graphics card from .... a friend found that out just recently & I got stung recently by a guy selling the same bunch of stamps over and over -thrity of us got caught before he was banned - also if they only bought piddly little 99p items and then start sellling 20 Iphones 

5)Recorded delivery isnt a safe as you think either - that £300 card above was sent recorded delivery - it was opened ten minutes after the postman had gone and there were three magazines in there instead of the card - OPEN it in front of the postman if you have ANY reason to suspect  chicanery ..


6) Be wary about how you pay - postal orders are safe enough, if you keep the reciepts - cheques can be traced too - but  paypal isnt as safe as you think ; especially on collection items; too often someone finds that paypal payment reversed after the item has been collected - if someone wants to collect - especially if it seems like a rush ,"Im in the area in an hour, can I collect it then " that should set alarm bells going - the solution is - " OK , but I wont accept paypal ,I'm refunding your payment - if you want to collect , bring the cash along."

If you have a credit card , use that to fund larger payments for items, they have additional superior coverage for the money you spend should something go wrong 

although they have changed the rules recently to cover much more than they used to . but theres limit to liability on certain items or sellers , check to see if paypal cover you . or your item


7) Look at his delivery speed and packing spec - more importantly his buyers will say in feedback


( YES IM ONE TOO ) THEY EARN THEIR REPUTATION THE HARD WAY -through you people - and they have to maintain a 98% + positive score - BETTER still , a TRS as they have to be registered as a business - a low  price may be what your buying items for , remember thats no good if the item is - BROKE , damaged , FAKE , UNUSABLE , poor quality - and if any of these mentioned happen , that your seller has a returns policy and customer service skills . 

kuang ting cho in china wont give a monkeys 'bout that  and , if you bought something for 99p and thirty five quid shipping , he'll send you back 99P AND CALL THAT a refund 

9)Dont buy the first thing you see - shop around and see if theres better about - just like buses - there'll be another one along soon . also just because you want a 12 mp camera be a little more specific than that in the search if your after a  sony cybershot .

you might find just what you want in ten minutes , but it  rarely happend that way . the best bargains are had by those prepared to work to get them 

I wasnt too keen on the new search system myself , but after a while you can get to grips with it and use it to its best advantage


10 ) Dont bid more than you budgetted for an item.

 - its called auction fever where I sit - it makes me richer - but it makes you poorer . also factor in the cost of postage and where the guy is , if hes in HONG KONG its not going to get here in three days is it ?

there you go ; the ten commmandments

NOW wheres Moses or a stonemason  when you need him ..........

cheers for taking the time to stop by , happy shopping 

Paul ( cockneydevil ) 

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