A guide to selling plus Size clothing on ebay.

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This is a guide for anyone contemplating selling plus size clothing on ebay. Plus sizes are good sellers as many plus sized people prefer to shop in the comfort of their own homes and can browse happily for hours along with a super size box of candy cones and a large glass of vino. (well thats my poison anyway ;-)

It is a general guide and most of it is common sense.  I hope it helps you to become a plus size clothing seller on ebay.  You can succeed, you will make mistakes and hopefully you will have a lot of fun.

Her is my DO list

Do Do Do check your item thoroughly before you buy or list it.  Make sure there are no broken zips or missing buttons.  Make sure it is clean, no nasty stains of any description ;-)  If you are buying from charity shops and second hand shops this is very impotant.  Check items very carefully before you buy.

Do Do Do go to car boot sales as you will find items at much cheaper prices than charity shop, many of whom are now wise to how much they can get for certain brands. Damm it but they've wised up.  That Karen Millen dress is no longer 50p but £15.00 and fifty pence :-(

Do Do Do make sure that you go for top brand names if possible.  People want a bargain.  They don't want second hand Primark, unless its really nice, avoid no name clothing.  Also avoid trousers.  They dont sell as well and listing all the measurements is a time consuming pain in the butt.

Do Do Do make sure your photograph is top quality.  Use ebays photo editing tools to brighten and enhance your image. The IMAGE IS EVERYTHING.  Make sure you are showing off your items at their best. I've seen some awful pictures and click off straight away.

Do Do Do describe your item accurately.  If not you will only get a bad name and no repeat business.  This is very important, particularly for vintage items.  If there is wear and tear say so.  Be honest at all times.  Encourage questions and be available.  Humour in your descriptions can be fun and relax a customer. Its quite stressful ploughing through listings looking for that size 18 dress thats going to turn you into Kate Moss over night.

Do Do Do get a shop dummy if at all possible and dress your clothing up with accessories like chunky jewlery and belts.  Offer ideas to potential customers about what might go well with the item you are selling .  You can also offer a free gift with a purchase, say an inexpensive matching piece of jewlery.  This is a nice touch and will ensure repeat custom.

Do Do do package your items well.  I've had shoes delivered in plastic bin bags with the heels sticking out. Wrap your items like a persent.  Its not hard work.  Purchase a bulk set of tissue paper.  I use purple. Wrap your item in this.  It only takes a minute and its looks lovely. Then you can put it in a plastic bag. Print off the address label and stick it on covering it with cellotape so the ink doesn't run if it rains.  Do it neatly. This makes all the difference.  Who wants a lovely item of clothing delivered all crumpled in a bin bag or cheap plastic bag. FOLD your items.  Deliver it how you would want to recieve it. Include a business card or flyer.  POST ON TIME!


my list of DON'TS

You must be sick of reading by now so my only don't is:Don't give up.  You can be a successful ebay seller.  It takes time and effort

Good luck and take care of yourself. x

ps: please take a look at my shop by clicking on the link. Thanks

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