A guide to starting a ebay business(suppliers)

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Many people now make a living selling on ebay from home and its everyones dream to be able to earn a living at home.

To be a success at ebay you need the goods to sell to start with, its easy get the goods, list them and make money all apart from one part


Wholesalers can supply everything but unfortunatly most have a minimum spend and a legitimate wholesaler will only trade with a registered business or self employed individuals. This is not everyones cup of tea and not many want to lay our large cash sums on something they dont know will be successfull.

Option 2 is the prefered method for most ebayers

Dropshipping  ! ! !

Dropshiping is a simply method, basically just like a wholesaler you have a range of goods but this service dont require you to buy in bulk. Basically you list all the goods for sale here at ebay, they sell your buyer pays you and then you order the item from the dropshipper at a lower price keeping all the profit for yourself. The dropshipper then posts the item to your buyer under plain wrapping.

Sounds easy ! ! !

It is, thats all they is to it really .

Finding the right dropshipper is the hard part as many others have tried to cash in on this by operating third man operations making your profit margin much lower.

Do a search on the internet and you will see loads of results for dropshipping and i would say 2/3 are not worth a penny.

Chyannes actually have been a trusted and reliable dropshipper for several years and enjoys the fact that we are in our opinion the safest dropshipper on the internet. By joining our service you will receive a 1st class and trusted service. Due to ebay policy we are unable to list any links to our dropshipping website but we do welcome all enquries.

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