A layperson's guide to spotting a fake Prada Fairy Bag

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I felt I had to write this as I have been searching for months for a Prada Fairy Bag.  Unwilling to pay the £1050 that Prada wants for it, online or at its store in Old Bond Street, I have almost been caught out now by so-called 100% authentic bags which are clever, but nevertheless, fakes. 


Finally, utterly disillusioned with the sheer number of scams and scammers out there, I actually spoke to the expert Prada salespersons in Old Bond Street who have assured me that there are a few failsafe little things to look for:  correct item number on the authenticity card, which should be stiff, white plastic will say the following:


Art:  BL0515

Materiale:  Cervo Lux Print


And absolutely nothing else e.g. if it says Vit. Raino Print under Materiale and BR3107 under Art it's definitely a fake - again I was told by Prada in London that this model does not exist, nor did Prada make the fairy bag in this material only in the cervo lux.  Also, the authentic article never comes with plastic wrapped around the handles.  Fake ones do.  The first Prada bags did actually bleed when they got wet apparently, the dye came off but his problem has been fixed by Prada now by the way.

Look at the lettering of the word Prada under the handles.  The letters should be bright gold and perfectly aligned.  If you look carefully you will see if they are not or if they are slightly off.  The goldware, padlock, zip etc. should be bright gold too and a very bright colour not burnished or coppery at all.

I know this isn't much but I do hope it helps someone.  To be honest, I have had absolutely enough of almost being tricked out of £900 - for £1050 which is the correct retail price quoted to me by Prada in Old Bond Street in London - I could have bought myself a real one from the real people.  Maybe I will, although the bag will be out of fashion by the time I get my hands on an authentic one at this rate.


Finally, remember to ask questions of sellers - people with things to hide will either not answer you if you ask about Art numbers and what's on the card or they will appear very earnest and answer while still trying to sell you a fake.  Remember these basic things about the fairy bag, however, and I don't think you will go far wrong.  If you are unsure what to look for, find the real thing being sold by a very reputable ebayer called theartofacquisition in the USA.  She has posted picture of the real thing and fakes at the bottom of her item description for the blue Cervo Lux bag she is selling. 

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