A personal guid to ebay

Like if this guide is helpful

I joined Ebay very nervous at first which only lasted unil id sold my first item.

I started buying from Ebay sellers, a few things first as i was sceptical and wasnt sure if id get the item that id paid for.

After a few months, id learnt that most Ebay sellers can be trusted and so i started to leave feedback and was getting left good feedback in return.

Unfortunately i have been caught out, paying for items that i didnt recieve so i left negitive feedback which has earnt me negitive feedback in return, not fair is it.......

This isnt Ebays fault nor mine and maybe not the sellers either.

Iv posted off the postal order, hes recieved it and said that the item is on its way but then i didnt recieve it, where is it?

What happens to any of those 'lost in the post' items at 'The Royal Mail'...............................

Or was the items just a picture on Ebay, fictional, not real................. 

As i said before, most Ebay sellers are to be trusted and iv had alot of good items for a fraction of there retail price which is what i think Ebay is all about and enjoying the Auction.....



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