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Now, as a normality, looking at what everyone else had, I was rather, admittingly, jealous when I compared my £25 MP3 stick from Currys to the iPods and such everyone carried. This was a long while ago though, because as soon as I got onto the part-time job, I saved my money and purchased the latest (at the time) 160gb, black iPod. This was at the time when the iPhone was being released, and alas, I was left in the past again. As of now I've went through 3 MP3 players, and whilst I've found none that compare to the look and feel of iPhone, I have found some to be more enjoyable. So now, I leave this for people like me, who really don't know what to go for. I hope this help, because seriously, you can end up paying a lot of money for these kind of toys.

So first off, the sixth generation, 160gb black iPod.
  • A much bigger hard-drive than the iPhone, brilliant if your a music nut like me
  • Has the same classic iPod feel as you'd be used to, making this easy to navigate
  • Features the new cover flow system, will make you smile (for a short while)
  • It's easy to create a playlist, but you can't rename them or edit them when they are finished
  • Plays podcasts (duh)
  • Has a great variety of games, and not rubbish ones either
  • The screen is always easy to see
  • The shuffle mode works perfectly
  • You use iTunes to add songs, which is an extremly easy to use program
  • The thing is a brick compared to other iPods, but it is still very portable
  • The thing disintergrates over time. Honestly. It falls apart. I've had so much trouble with the hold switch, scratches on the back of the iPod etc.
  • The sound is quiet. Really quiet. It dosn't effect music like "Kiss" and "Slayer" too badly, but once you start playing a bit of "Frank Sinatra" or "Gene Vincent" you'll find it a struggle to hear.
  • I can't find the appeal in watching a video or flicking through your photos on a postage stamp sized screen
  • The games are nothing compared to the libary on the iPhone

The second MP3 player was Microsoft's effort, the Zune 120
  • It's a very nice comfortable size
  • It has much more space on the hard-drive compared to the iPhone
  • The Zune has a built-in wi-fi, so you can check e-mails and buy music etc.
  • It's presented very well, and the menus are easy to navigate
  • The software you use to add music is very easy to use
  • This is much easier to hear, but not deafining
  • The wi-fi only works in the US (Fail)
  • It's an American only product, so it's rather hard to get hold of
  • It tries too hard to be an iPod

The third one is more a media tablet, the Archos 5:
  • Biggest hard-drive of the lot, you wouldn't dream of running out of space
  • Touch-screen operated
  • Able to access the internet, which is fully functional
  • Movies are displayed in a HD 780p format, and are very enjoyable to watch on the wide screen. I've replaced my portable DVD-player with this and DVD-ripping software
  • It has a handy little stand
  • The music plays perfectly
  • It can read PDF files
  • It has it's own iTunes styled store built into the MP3 player
  • This has no software of it's own, instead it uses Windows Media Player
  • The touch-screen can be rather clumsy at times
  • It does glitch alot
  • Takes ages to charge and can run out of power very quickly
  • The device has so many accesories which are required to make it fully functional, but it ends up just looking like a MP3 player on life-support
  • It's HUGE
I'm not going to recommened anything to you, all this was for is to help you make an opinion. I like all of these equally. I do really like the iPhone either, but I always crave for something with a big hard-drive for my big music/video collection. If you don't have that much to put on your MP3 player, then go for the iPhone, no questions asked. Anyway, I hope this helped you come to a desicion. If you'd like a little more information, get in touch. My e-mail is: glogbuzz@hotmail.co.uk
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