A reason not to buy the Gioteck HDMI & Opticals for PS3

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Hi everyone...

As you probably know, the main cable pack that most people go for is the Gioteck HDMI & Optical Cable Pack (£19.99).Don't. It might be at a mid ranged price, but don't let that fool you just because.

 We had the pack with our PS3 last Xmas 2007 and didn't use it that frequently, but as we started to during the Summer Hols in 2008, we noticed that no image was being recieved on our TV. Naturally, we tried wiggling the cable around etc... But still nothing. So we sent it back for another, thinking t was just a faulty cable. Everything worked again... For a few months anyway!

Late November and our latest cable packed in aswell, so we decided that enough was enough and took a look at what was wrong with the cable. Turns out, the ends which go into the back of the PS3 and your TV are very, very flims (which is an understatement). In fact, everything inside the 24 K Gold plated cable was mangled and bent out of recognition, even some of the mtal inside it had started to melt! Well this was ridiculous and we took it back to HMV the next day; explained what the problem was and got a different one. The Gamexpert HDMI Cable for £10 to be precise.

So don't think your getting a good deal when you waltz into the stores and buy the best value stuff, remember why the things cost less in the first place! I didn't want any troube did I? I'm sure you don't either, so take my advise and buy the other choice. You could even just buy the GAMEware PS3 Premium HDMI Cable which is £29.35 (at the moment). It might be more expenssive, but remember why!

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