A short guide adverising you how to look after silver jewellery

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To help you keep your silver jewellery looking its best a regular clean with a soft bristle brush will remove any dust particles and help maintain that special sparkle.

A silver polishing cloth can be purchased from our store and these are great to use on plain silver items, just remember however that if you have any gems on your item of jewellery, you shouldn't be using any polishing cloths, or chemicals. We would advice a dab of water on a brush for these areas to be treated.


Please remember semi precious stones and pearls cannot tolerate any form of chemicals (please do not use silver dips or polishing cloths when cleaning these types of jewellery).


Remember to avoid subjecting any pearls to heat.


The more you wear your silver jewellery, the less it will tarnish (all the more reason to wear it!)


If you are not wearing your jewellery, try to store it carefully in its original packaging or a jewellery box. (This stops the silver oxidising with the air)


Avoid exposing silver to harsh chemicals like chlorine, hair spray, perfume or anti-bacterial hand gel.

Here at LH Jewellery we keep all our silver individually packed in clear plastic grip bags so they have zero contact with the air whilst in our stock room.


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