A short guide to buying used mobile phones

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First things first make sure you can return a phone before bidding on one. By all means if the phone is cheap and you want it buy it. but when you recieve it please do one thing check the imei number on the web incase its been lost or stolen or blocked. if thats all fine then check the phone itself for damage starting with the battery check the watermark if its changed colour normally to pink it would have gotten wet at some point. so chances are the phone may have a fault.This is also the case with the iphone  more so as it is on the outide an has been known to change colour even if it has not got wet so please check this first. Then make sure all the buttons work and screen is not cracked as these will cost you. next is the speakers try phoning off the phone and maybe playing a song see how loud it gets make sure it doesnt crackle. then check the charger make sure it fits and the phone charges fully. last of all enjoy any phones you may purchase in the future.
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