A short guide to choosing gold and silver jewelry

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Here are a few personal pointers to help those new to buying jewelry items.

Always read the advert-most sellers are fairly honest, but there are those who excercise 'let the buyer beware'.Aways ask about the carat markings. If the seller can't tell you then it's a good chance it's not gold. Know your english and  foreign carat hallmarks. Pin down the seller if he says '9ct but could be higher'. Marks on foreign items are no guarantee it's gold. Check the weight of the item, else you could be paying a lot for nothing eg. gold plated, gold filled, or 1-2 grames of gold ( too light and damage -prone).It's not what the seller chooses to tell you, but what is implied or not in the advert that is important. Always ask  the seller questions.

Always look at photos- it gives good indication of condition, thinning, repairs done and hallmarks.

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