A simple gudie to art buying!

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Serve Ice Cold.
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Serve Ice Cold.

How to select your art work!

Is it for you or a gift?
For gifts, think of the person you are buying for. Will they like it? will they like the coulor or subject matter.
Do you like it?
What do you like about it?  Does it have any specific meaning to you? Do you like the coulors, subject matter or how it makes you feel? Was your initial reaction;  Oh! I like that! ?
How does it make you feel?
Does the piece make you smile? Are you re-drawn to the piece for another look? Did you notice something you didn't the first time? Why has the artist done this or not done that?
Would it look good on your wall?
Is it a talking point? Does it make you feel good when you see it? A smile will always improve your day, start and end it with a smile.
Can I afford it?
Art can be a great investment but it's not all about a return on your money. Modestly priced art is most commonly used as interior decoration. Ask your self "How much do I spend on decoration and ornimentation" do YOU percieve it to be good value?
How many can I collect?
If you like the artist, why not start a collection? Have a look at the other works by the artist. You may also simply wish to collect similar designs.

Most importantly ENJOY IT !


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