A sports fan's guide to football memorabilia

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A sports fan's guide to football memorabilia

So you've come to the best place to buy football memorabilia, but are bombarded with options? 
When it comes to this type of purchase you need to give yourself time to explore and compare, you want to get this right!

1. Choose your sport/team.
My team would be Arsenal (insert joke here) or if I was looking for my partner West Ham United (insert another joke) 

you will be presented with a majority of items, key rings, shirts, programmes, cups, scarves, have a browse through.


A lot of memorabilia will be second hand, in the description the seller should be detailing any problems with the item so you have a clear vision of what you will be getting. The picture can be deceiving. 
Some of the best sellers to buy from a the ones with long item descriptions and details of the sellers history, these will be extremely trustworthy and excellent communicators. Don't be afraid to ask questions or for further details on the items

I have purchased many football programmes over the years, they have become somewhat of a collection, a lot of these were from the sixties and seventies and were understandably creased, if that's not what you want refine to Just New. 

Good luck with your shopping sports fans!!

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