A to Z of buying concert tickets from EBAY

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Here is my guide on buying concert tickets on ebay. Am sure these tips will be helpful for you.
First of all - when buying tickets make sure that the seller will be able to provide you with the confirmation email. Most of the time it is mentioned in the description, if its not ask the seller to provide you with the ticket confirmation email if you are the winning bidder. DO NOT pay if the seller is unable to provide you with an authentic ticket confirmation email. One of the common excuses of not providing the email is that "the tickets were bought over the phone so do not have any proof of purchase" This is a SCAM so do not fall for it. If the seller is selling genuine tickets he will be able to provide you with a confirmation email.
Another easy way to stealing people money is by selling tickets of concert which are taking place after 6months or more. If you buy tickets for such a concert and it turn out to be a scam you wont be covered by paypal or ebay. Then the only way of getting your money back would be to contact police, which i think is useless as you wont have enough info about the seller.
Buying tickets from POWERSELLERS is always safe and you can have a peace of mind. If you are buying from legit ticket agencies on ebay with good feedback you can have a peace of mind as they wont let you down. Sometimes they can provide you with tickets for face value, which can be cheaper than the price you pay at ticketmaster etc. because they wont charge you extra for service charges.
ALWAYS read the description fully, although there are some parts which may seem boring and useless but they are not.
Always check the feedback of sellers, if the seller has previously sold concert tickets then it mean they are professional and there are very less chance of them letting you down.
If you have any doubt about the tickets you are about to buy ask the seller and clear all the confusion.
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