A tragedy for China collectors

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I purchased a beautiful teapot, won it and paid for it on the same day. It was a 1915 Crown Ducal teapot. I was offered insurance which I never accept because all my UK Sellers pack fragile items diligently and I have rarely received anything broken. To my absolute horror when it arrived it was in a million pieces.  How can anybody send a 93 year old teapot in a TIN container? Inside it was wrapped in one piece of bubble wrap, and one piece of newspaper without any tape holding it together, not even the lid was packaged separately.  The tin had loads of tape on the outside and not one "FRAGILE" written anywhere. After many emails the seller kept on babbling about insurance, and I kept on talking about packaging...it's everything when such a delicate piece is sent overseas! To end a long and sad story short, I left negative feedback and go some in return...nice. I went from 100% (having bought 150 items) to 99.4%. On my end as a Buyer I was out both money and a teapot. A true injustice.  I asked for a postage quote before bidding and did everything by the book yet this deal went sour. So look at a seller's feedback before buying, its important. Hope this helps someone else.




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