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Hi to all,

The purpose of this guide is to advise you on things to check and look out for when buying a TV on ebay. My experiences have been poor and i had to learn the hard way so, i'd like to pass on my advice to you guys.

Firstly, ebay themselves give an excellent guide on TV's, i.e. room measurements, TV size, TV type etc, it was a god send for me and i hope it helps you as much?

Please find the link as follows: http://pages.ebay.com/buy/guides/tv-television-buying-guide/

As for the seller, well, if you have not got your TV delivered within a week or, the seller ignores you or obstructs you collecting it, it's fair to say you are not going to get it. Also look out for the seller starting a bid @99p but really wants another amount within the listing details. For example, if you win a TV for say £1.20 and the listing said the seller was looking for £40.00 for the lot, you'll be lucky to get it!

FOUR TV purchases i've had in a row, THREE i never received for an array of excuses and the fourth i was actually given permission to collect!

Of course, when i got it home after driving over a 40 mile round trip, i understood why as although the TV was listed as working, it was in actual fact broken. When switched on, the entire screen was RED incolour & stayed like it! Since then, i've had it repaired at a further cost to me of nearly £100.00

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