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Hello everyone my name is Dean and i am 38 years old, i am happily married to Sharan and we have four gorgeous children, a girl of 18, a son 15, another son 8 , and a baby boy 6 months, (yes i no we need to get a bigger television, lol.)

Both my wife and i use this ebay account to sell and buy, she mainly buys as soon as money goes into paypal its straight back out again lol.Sharan deals with most of the ebay account during the day as i am out at work, i run my own tyre company so that keeps me busy.
We mainly sell clothes the children have grown out of, or when it comes to our baby clothes he hasnt even got round to wearing yet as he has grown so quickly, also toys the children no longer play with or have hardly even been used most of the time.

All the money we make on ebay goes straight back into ebay as my wife is a spendaholic, lol.
Her moto is if its not nailed down it goes on ebay, as i found out one day while at work i came back to find all my beloved Liverpool football shirts and videos listed on ebay, the reason as she said was they were taking up too much room.
So i now have a rule that she cannot list my stuff while im at work, or i would have no computer games or dvds left (she is dying to get her hands on those, lol).

We love selling and buying on ebay, we have been a bit concerned about all the changes on ebay, but so far we have not had too many any problems other than an increase in non paying bidders ,and a buyer just leaving netural with no contact what so ever , if we are not made aware of any problems we cannot help we value our buyers and are very lucky we seem to have mostly superb friendly buyers.

We hope all our buyers are totally happy with their transaction and will always do everything we can to help out with any issues at all that may arrise.We aim to get items out the day of payment or the day after, sometimes this is not always possible but we do try.Also that everything is well packed so it gets to the buyer in perfect condition. 

The key is good friendly communication so many problems could be avoided if buyers and sellers communicated , instead of hitting the negative or netural button first, all the neturals i have ever had not once has the buyer contacted me first  to give me a chance to help, even though ebay put up a message asking the buyer if they have contacted the seller first they must just tick yes and then hit the netural button this is VERY BAD EBAYING ,  please always contact your seller before leaving bad feedback we are here to help you.

We hope to be able to keep selling and buying on ebay, i dont no what my wife would do if she was unable to buy anything anymore she would go into a massive decline lol, at least i have accepted that we will never be rich.

Well i think thats about it , just a little bit of info about me and my family and what we use ebay for, i hope i havent bored you too much lol.
Thankyou happy ebaying from Deano.



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