ACCOUNTS WITH PAYPAL, what a ripoff!

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I have a "personal" account with paypal which i have had for some years. I buy and sell and have never had a problem before up until now.

A buyer bought something off me and tried to pay with a credit card, which is fine, but when i went to my account it said either accept or refuse payment. When I tried to accept it, paypal then tell me I have to upgrade to either premier or business account to recieve this payment and then ontop of that they will charge you for it.

I called paypal and said, I dont want to accept cards on my account and whereabouts is it when you put an item on for sale that you can decide whether or not you want to accept credit cards. The lady on the phone said there isnt an option for that. If you decide you want to use paypal then you have to accept credit cards or refuse the item and sort the issue out with the buyer, which isnt fair if the buyer only has a card.

So basically, paypal have got you by the short and curlies. My poor buyer has decided to send a cheque now and so will have to wait at least a week in order for her to get her item, which I think is very unfair



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