ACETONE - dimethyl ketone, methyl ketone

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Solvent used for removing artificial nail enhancements but also used in the manufacture of plastics, waxes, aerosol paints, varnishes, explosives and chloroform. Acetone is found in many household products such as surface cleaners, laundry presoaks, starches, shoe polish, garden insecticides, furniture polish, pet flea/tick products and wipes for removing nail polish.

Acetone is used to extract aromas, flavours and perfumes from herbs, flowers and spices.

It is also used in some skin cleansing formulas as it dissolves grease and fats easily but used on the skin can produce rashes, dryness and irritation.

When using acetone or acetone containing products make sure the area is well ventilated. Removing artificial nail enhancements cover the hands with a towel to prevent the vapours from escaping. Once nails are removed rub in plenty of  moisturiser  and cuticle oil into the cuticles regularly. 

Inhaling acetone can cause light headedness, fatigue, nose, lung, throat and eye irritation.  

Do not throw Acetone down the sink, toilet or drain into the water supply especially if you have plastic pipes, leave in the open air (window ledge/sill) and the acetone will evaporate.

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