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Hi There,

Adidas Y3 Yohji Yamamamoto Is One Of the leading Designer Brands on the Market Today, and we all want some of the accessories / clothes of this brand in our wardrobe!

Disadvantage: ITS EXPENSIVE to purchase.

Advantage: Long Lasting, Great Quality, Awesome Detailing & Designs (And the list goes on...)

I have always purchased my Adidas Y3 Items from Shops Like Aspecto, Scenario, Selfridges e.t.c until recently looking at my Bank Account I seen my balance Very Quickly Decreasing! (LOL)

I started to Look For Adidas Y3 on eBay to purchase, and i was very dissapointed with what i saw!!


1) Quantity For Sale:

I see People Listing thousands of Adidas Y3 Footwear, claiming It is 100% Genuine yet they have at least 10 pairs of them for sale (That gives it away for sure COME ON PEOPLE!!) yet eBayers are Fooled into thinking they are purchasing Genuine Goods. Check Sellers Other Items To see that they have sold or are selling them in vast quantities.

2) Pricing of Genuine Compared To Fakes:

As Everyone SHOULD know, Adidas Y3 is not cheap to come by! You cannot buy trainers for £35-60. Loads of Sellers have a BUY IT NOW around that price, and claim that they retail at £160+ in the shops (yes they're right BUT THAT IS GENUINE STOCK which retails at that price) and are losing out to keep customers happy! ( I could understand losing £5 to build business but £100+ to keep customers happy??? I don't Think SO!!

3) Size of Trainers:

As With Genuine Y3, they often are made one size smaller then stated e.g. If you are a size 8 you would have to purchase a size 9 or 8.5 to get a comfortable fit. FAKES do not come one size smaller and are very loose fitting!

4) The Grip/Detailing:

As with the grip, there should be a PLASTIC ADIDAS Silver ball/bubble in the middle of the underneath grip on GENUINE Trainers, not Y3 Written on the silver ball/bubblel!! The Shoe Laces Should be reflective and have three small holes on the End of each lace (Not Plain like fakes). Y3 is VERY Expensive and the reason for that is because of its great detailing! Fakes will come apart very quickly and will have glue almost everywhere showing!

5) Pictures of the Item:

Look Carefully at the pictures!! If when you are searching for an item and almost all pictures look the same, or pictures of genuine Y3 are displayed from the actual website DO NOT BID, AS THEY ARE MOST LIKELY FAKES!!! Make sure you ask the Seller for the actual pictures of item.

What To Ask The Seller Before Purchasing:

- More Photos Showing The underneath of the Inner sole (should be stamped Y3 - YOHJI YAMAMAMOTO if it doesnt then DO NOT BUY!).

- Pictures Of the Shoe Lace.

- Pictures Of the Grip showing Adidas Ball (However noticing that some Fakes Come With This Also Nowadays!

- If You are entitled to a Money Back Guarantee If They are Purchased and Turn Out Fake!

If you do not get a reply for any of the above, then you know the seller is selling FAKES, so Avoid Like the Plague.

The Only 2 eBayers i have seen selling genuine Y3 Products are:



If You Are Still Stuck & Need More help, please contact me to look further at the trainers before you buy so i can confirm authencity of the item!

Hope This Helps & Thanks For Reading!


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