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Hi All,


Just to let you know i have been a recent victim of a fake. I made sure i asked all of the rellevant questions, like hallmarking, packaging etc but still got caught. This is the advice i got from Links Of London over the phone when i called to confirm it.....



Two hallmarkings (this does not mean the stamp of three rings) its a proper stamped hallmark. There are TWO hallmarks and BOTH are STAMPED into the silver. NONE of LINKS OF LONDON GENUINE jewellery is LAZERED on !!!

One is situated on a link either next to the barrell with Links of London or two down from it, its STAMPED onto it, it will be tiny but when a jeweler looks at it he will make out the symbols of    LL-925-lion-3 towers-C.

The second is on the actual ring of the link. The ring sounld be OVAL and the HALLMARKING again is STAMPED but is small. If you can see the hallmarking and the picture of the LION and 3 TOWERS just look like blobs or holes...this is not genuine...the lion and towers are very visible to see with a magnifying glass and are not LAZERED on.


You can see the welding on each link

You have one hallmarking which is LAZERED and one which is STAMPED

You have a stamped hallmarking but the picture of the lion and towers you cant make out what they are

The metal is heavy but feels like its coated in something.


Hope this helps, the main thing to look for is that BOTH hallmarkings are STAMPED on and all parts of the hallmarking are clear and visible of what they should be.....

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