AEGON Championships Ticket Buying Guide

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AEGON Championships Ticket Buying Guide

The AEGON Championships is a renowned tennis tournament loved by fans worldwide. It has been ranked as one of the top ten tennis events in the world. The tournament has been going on for decades, since its inception back in 1979. As the AEGON Championships occurs right before the Wimbledon event, most of the Wimbledon champions, including Edberg, Connors, Sampras, and Lendl, have also played at the AEGON. Thus, the matches feature many famous tennis stars, the very best of men's singles and doubles players, who attract many spectators.

The matches are held in the Queen's Club, in West Kensington, London. When buying tickets for the AEGON Championships, the ticket type as well as the time of the match should be noted, as these affect the ticket price. Tickets for this popular tennis event can be bought either from official box offices or from online auction sites, such as eBay, where people who have found that they cannot attend often try to sell their tickets, often at a reduced price.

Seating Places and AEGON Championships Ticket Prices

The better the seating place, the better it is to see the match. In the Queen's Club, the seating areas are divided into ground, court, and centre court areas. The best place for viewing a match is located in the south of the centre court, while the east sectors are also good viewing places. When a ground admission ticket is purchased, it gives access to the grounds as well as to outside show courts. This includes unreserved seating in courts 2 and 9. Moreover, access to the practice courts is also granted. However, Centre Court and Court 1 cannot be entered without a specific ticket.

Catering Location

The Queen's Club tennis court also features a large buffet area. Salads, snacks, sandwiches, and hot and cold beverages are available in this area. From the bar, it is also possible to buy alcoholic drinks. All visitors can enter the buffet area and the seating there is unreserved. Inside the grounds, there is also a brasserie restaurant for more sophisticated meals. For a meal in the restaurant, a booking is required. A la carte lunches and afternoon teas are offered there. Although food can be brought into the area, there are no designated picnic places, so it is worthwhile knowing where to buy food. The food courts are easily accessible from any seat, so there is no need to worry about getting a ticket to a certain place in regards to food.

Times of Matches and AEGON Championships Ticket Prices

The AEGON Championship tournament is held every year in June and it lasts about a week. At this time of the year, the weather is usually warm and often sunny, so going to an AEGON Championship match can be a perfect way to spend the day. However, this also means that many people may want to visit the Queen's Club, and there may be queues for the tickets.

The gates of the venue are opened at 10:30 a.m every day. People with ground admission tickets and unreserved seating can then start looking for the best seats. Generally, the matches do not start before noon on any of the courts. The start time can also change, mainly because of weather conditions. Therefore, start times should always be checked beforehand, especially when the weather changes and it starts to rain.

Acquiring Tickets for AEGON Championships

The tickets for AEGON Championships can be obtained in several ways. At first, the tickets are sold through a ballot, and then they go on general sale. In addition, many people who have obtained the tickets may later resell them if they realise that they cannot attend the tournament.

AEGON Championships Tickets Through Ballots

The ballot is a kind of lottery that is used in order to allocate the tickets to the AEGON Championships tournament. In order to enter the ballot, people submit their email addresses to the mailing list. The ballot is opened sometime towards the end of January and is closed in February. The winners are drawn and then notified about how to pay for the tickets. If payments are not made, the tickets are cancelled in mid-March, and this gives other people the chance to obtain tickets.

AEGON Championships Tickets on General Sale

The general sale starts once the ballot has been closed and the tickets allocated. This sale starts somewhere in the middle of February. Both ground and court tickets can be bought via general sales. In addition, some people who have acquired their tickets and then realised that they cannot attend the event may resell their tickets. However, these tickets may be harder to find, as some research has to be done.

AEGON Championships Tickets for Children and the Disabled

The Queen's Club also welcomes children to the tennis tournaments. However, babies and children under five are not allowed in the stands. Infants should not be brought to the venue, because special facilities are not provided in the Queen's Club, and long days there could be a nuisance to parents. Children from age five are allowed to attend the tournaments, and they require a full-price ticket for entry.

The Centre Court and Court 1 are accessible to wheelchair users. There is one space for a wheelchair. The wheelchair should be accompanied by a carer. The carer does not have to buy a ticket.

AEGON Championships Ticket Prices for 2013

The ticket prices vary based on the seating location and the date on which the match is held. The closer to the final game, the more expensive the tickets become. The following chart gives an idea of the ticket prices for 2013, listing them by dates and seating areas.


10 June

11 June

12 June

13 June

14 June

15 June

16 June

Centre South








Centre East A








Centre East B








Court 1
















The ticket prices in the chart are presented in pounds (GBP). This is their face value, and when the ticket is bought from an auction site, the price may be different. However, knowing the basic rules of pricing helps one to find tickets at fair prices.

Free AEGON Championships Tickets for Residents

Local residents can receive free tickets to some of the tennis matches. These tickets are usually given for matches that take place from Monday to Friday and start at approximately 4.30 p.m. One guest can be taken along to the tournament. Prior the AEGON Championships, the visitors receive leaflets by post that detail how to acquire these tickets. Some residents may also try to sell their free tickets.

Buying AEGON Championships Tickets on eBay

When you start looking for AEGON Championships tickets on eBay, you can first try the general keywords "AEGON Championships tickets" by typing them into the search box that you can find at the top of any eBay page. If you have a specific date in mind, you can also add this to the search terms. Once you receive the initial search results, you can sort them either by price or auction time in order to refine your search. For a better match, you can click on some of the related searches that are offered to you with the initial results.

In order to receive quick and accurate service, it is recommended to opt for top-rated sellers who have high ratings and positive feedback. These sellers are trusted by other buyers on eBay. If you find a seller who lives close by, you can ensure that you receive the tickets on time, and you may be able to pick them up yourself. This point is very important, as you certainly want to get to the match on the right day. You can contact the seller before the auction ends to find out about the delivery methods available.


Occurring right before the renowned Wimbledon, the AEGON Championships tennis tournament features some of the world's best male singles and doubles players. In fact, most of the Wimbledon champions have also mastered the AEGON Championships. This event is ranked as one of the top ten tennis events in the world.

The matches are held in Queen's Club, in West Kensington, London, for about one week in the beginning of June. The time of the match influences the ticket prices, as the final matches generally draw more spectators and are more expensive.The other factor that has an impact on ticket price is the seating location. The centre court is the most expensive area, as it is from there that the match is best viewed. The south of the centre court is the most favourable location, while the stands to the east are also fairly good. Ground admission tickets allow spectators to find their own seats from unreserved seating.

Once the ballot is organised in January and February and some tickets are allocated to people in the mailing list, the tickets go on general sale. It is possible to buy tickets for disabled people and children over five years old. In addition, local residents receive some free tickets.

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