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Paypal and eBay details are at risk; Tab Napping

Tab Napping is next worrying clever phishing method, which relied on clicking on a dodgy link. Instead this targets internet users opening lots of tabs in the browser at the same time.

The trick is that inactive browser tabs are replaced with a fake pages designed to obtain your personal data. These are even more sophisticated because browsers detect inactivity and combining this with cookie programmes that detect browsing history, the fraudster can now predict where you go and how long it takes you to return to an already open webpage.

Now think about how you use eBay and Paypal, do you often leave it open and return, and take it for granted that a request for confirming details is genuine. If you are honest you will agree with me you do, or at least did after reading this.

Now think about on-line banking and how often you are asked to confirm details; Paypal are always asking us to confirm details and banks do the same but are much more susceptible as they log you off if you are inactive for too long. Just what the fraudster is looking for and you will never give it a second thought, until you check your balance that is.

So how do you protect yourself? Simple, be aware any request for details may not be from who you think it’s from.

  • Check the address URL line at the top of the screen to confirm it has an expected address. If this is important personal data makes sure it starts with https://
  • Treat all requests for details with suspicion
  • Report everything you suspect
  • Never open a window tab when dealing with personal data
  • Only use new windows

See what I mean

  1. Open a New Window press CTRL+N
  2. Open a New Tab press CTRL+T

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