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Now, we all know selling and bidding on an item is good fun, but always remember to check out your bidders & sellers.

Don’t just check out the feedback they have been given but ALSO check out the feedback they leave for sellers & buyers, no one wants a grumpy trouble causer, it's really not worth the hassle, if they receive and leave lots of negatives avoid them.

ALSO CHECK IF THEY HAVE MUTUALLY REMOVED NEGATIVE FEEDBACK, this means that they have negatives and have requested the buyer remove it. This means that they have also left a negative for the buyer (even if you are a speedy payer, which should be when they leave feedback, not after you have left your feedback) and if they both agree it will be removed.

PLEASE BE CAREFUL as some sellers only leave a negative when you have left a negative feedback and then they will try  blackmail you into removing it so that yours will be removed as well.

When selling remember, sometimes some people are never happy even if you have given an exact description of an item you are selling.

You can remove a bid based on feedback, it is your prerogative and you do not have to explain why.

Sometimes money is not everything, some of us sell on ebay as a hobby and enjoy it, the money we make is just a nice bonus. :o) Have great fun time on ebay.

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