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hi, i bought this jaquzzi a few days ago and OMG! so glad i did, it took 15mins to blowup, about 2 hrs to fill ,but it took about 24hrs to get to a really nice hot tempreture. me and my kids love it! it seats 4  but you will be close. you need a flat surface. i bought some lino from a local shop for £15 to make sure it didnt and wont get bust hopefully .the zip cover goes on really easy and comes with a lock so you can make sure no little ones can get into it i also bought a pool starter pack to keep the water clean which has been great! ,the only thing i regret about buying this.. is that i didnt get one sooner!!
ive now had the spa for a few months and i am still very happy with it on the whole,ive had to dump the water once because it was uncleanable,and the control panel ive had a problem with one of the buttons have stopped working , but i now have a new one to replace it i would say its using about 12.50 a week in electric to keep it on 24/7 so not too bad
well its been a few weeks scince i last updated this and now the pump and heater have packed in! i must say considering ive only has this jaquzzi 2 months this is not good at all .the jaquzzi is on a 12m warrenty so i have been given another pump and heater to replace free of charge ,although ive had to fit it myself!
its all in working order but on reflection this wasnt the best buy in the world and if it had not been for the warrenty i dread to think of the cost :-/
im going to leave it on another couple of months just to be sure the heater and pump dont go again, as when i pack it up and then get it out again next summer the warrenty will be up!
the customer service by the ebay shop i bought this off  has been second to none and cant fault them :-)

well it is now 18/07/2012 and this has to be the worst purchase ever dont buy!!! this is only the second time i have had this out, and i stored it away in the house all over winter so i new it would be dry and safe,and it has now spontaniously bust a seam ALL BY ITS SELF and the blue outer ring is beyond repair!! not to mention the heater packed in again WOT A WASTE OF MY TIME AND MONEY THIS SPA HAS BEEN!!

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