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The technology is used all over the world mostly by professionals and many companies selling self improvement tools. There are always precautions to take - as a person suffering from epilepsy and fits should avoid flashing lights etc. they should also avoid this kind of therapy.

It's impossible to predict how anything may affect any one person, like how one person may be allergic to a peanut while the majority of people are not! You could assume it's no more dangerous than entering a room playing loud, rhythmic music!

Of course it may take time getting used to the sounds, you may find them strange at first or may find them extremely enjoyable right away. You have to allow your brainwaves to synchronize with the beats and frequencies and if you put up strong mind resistance your brain will refuse to comply (i.e. if you feel that it's going to harm you etc)

It may take several sessions before you begin to relax enough to benefit from the full effects and you may want to try the different styles and types of sessions to suit your personality - all possible and affordable by becoming a library member!

Generally precautions are: 

Do not listen whilst driving, operating heavy or dangerous machinery. Do not listen if you suffer from epilepsy, fits or seizures, are photosensitive, pregnant, under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If at all unsure contact a qualified doctor before use.

RELAXMP puts your safety first and displays warnings for those who may not be suitable for this therapy buy ultimately you must use common sense and use at your own risk.


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