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I am both a regular buyer and a seller and have a small shop. My point here is purely from the buying side although I accept it could be considered biased. I can only say that this is a genuine observation found during my frequent buying over the last year.

Whether you are buying now, or bidding on auction, whether you are looking for something specific or browsing and finding things you did not know you wanted until you find them.... it's worth it for your wallet to check out shop items as well as auctions.

Out of impatience, I have missed some incredible bargains in shops until too late... as by then I have already bid.

It's worth a browse about in shops because many shop sellers have items on buy it now for CHEAPER prices and/or postage than on auctions. This is especially true if it is becoming apparent that there are a few bidders on an item.

Auctions are fun... and it is exciting to bid and wait to see if you have won the item.. but in the meantime a shop holder may have that identical object (especially if looking for a brand new item) much cheaper than the bidding in auctions.

Ebay have elected to make shop items harder to see, so it is easy to be lulled in to a false sense of pecuniary security. I have made that mistake on more than one occasion and am now sure to have a quick look in shops before deciding on which to go for!

It's also useful to note, that many shop based auctions have extra postage added to ensure the price is made up if the item goes for a low bid. The same seller may have it in their shop for a similar price (or lower.. yes I have even come across that on Ebay) or at least the postage may be lower and save you a few bob!

Thanks for listening.



(friedcarp at SHREDS AND PATCHES)


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