AUTH Juicy Couture Bag!! I`ll help u decide!!(Updated)

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A large number of Juicy Couture bags & Jewellrey items on ebay are counterfeit & this trade is growing!!!

Why are so many people paying so much money for fake items when they could get an authentic item??

Would you like advice in helping you decide although I am no expert I do have a really good idea on authentic Juicy Couture as I am one of the few sellers on Ebay that sells authentic Juicy!

I am also a huge fan of Juicy myself so understand what to look for 

I am also lucky enough to get sample Juicy Items which are taken to the shops for them to see what Juicy is coming out each season....these items do not have the *PINK* Juicy labels in them but I do promise that if you take them to any Juicy stockist they will confirm authenticity 

I have noticed that people are paying a lot for awful counterfeit items from Juicy Couture!

I myself sell authentic Juicy Couture but still I have people telling me I am selling fakes..Why do these people pick on me??

If   anyone would like advise when purchasing Juicy couture please feel free to get in touch..I will advise you but can not stop you wasting your money!

I hate to see people buy something that isn`t totally authentic to find it falls apart within a month & they have paid a lot for it.....

I have seen people like this arguing in shops because they are convinced the item is authentic & it has fallen apart & they would like a replacement...Only for them to be told it is a counterfeit item

Yes you have some protection on Ebay but not always after a month!!!

Please when buying a designer item such as Juicy ask yourself this:

Is it a style they make

Is it a colour they do

Has it got a serial number

Should I look on the website to see if they do this style colour etc

Is it to cheap!!! Think about how much a Juicy bag is...a daydreamer retails at around £195 Fluffy £150 small leather bag can start at £150 & depending on size & style go up to £500 so why would you sell a daydreamer for £30!!!

If yes to the last one I would say do not buy!!!!

Has it got plastic on the handles??

Does it say *Love P&G* ? and does it say new style with this?? Older Juicy will have love P&G but in 2006 they changed it to G&P!!!! Due to a problem with Proctor & Gamble!!!!

Some of the new fakes have even got the brown & pink label on them DON`T be fooled!!!

Stay away from buyers from China Hong Kong Malaysia etc they are nearly all fake

Even sellers from the USA sell fakes!

UK sellers are no better lol!!! about 95% of the bags on Ebay UK are fake!!! Even if they are a powerseller be the description & ask questions

Does the *J* on the heart mirror look right is the mirror infact heart shaped!!!!

Is the dustbag a cheap copy??

Not all Juicy bags come with dustcovers only the leather ones do???

Does the Jewellrey come in a Juicy Box????

Does the Juicy GOLD label on the front say BEACH all the fakes say this for some reason!!!

Has the gold label got a small white sticker on it with a number another tell sign its a fake!!!

So I hope this helps any person who is not sure on the authenticity of anything if you would still like help I am happy to advise xoxo

Here are a few pictures of counterfeit Juicy bags!!!

Nice shaped heart on this fake!!!!! Not a colour Juicy do!!!

Cheap & nasty interior!!!!

Fake nylon dustbag.....authentic Juicy ones are very soft cotton!!! a lot of sellers use these to make the bag look authentic!!

Plastic on handles!!! not a good heart on this one & the daydreamer is the wrong shape!!!

Zip on the top of this daydreamer its just such an obvious fake!!!!!

another fake daydreamer with cheap nylon dustbag!!!

Daydreamers do not have a centre middle pocket & the zipped pocket with *HELLO* on is so cheap n tacky lookin!!!


Inside of an AUTHENTIC Daydreamer

 This is what an AUTHENTIC mirror should look like!!



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