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Let me make one thing clear before I start. 99.9% of MAC brushes on ebay are FAKES. Yes, you read correctly. Do not be fooled into believeing that gorgeous MAC brush you are buying is authentic. Why do you think so many of these sellers are selling their brushes so cheaply - not to mention, they have TONNES of these MAC brushes. Anyone would think they were the luckiest people on earth!

Of course, not everyone selling MAC brushes is selling a fake. There are some (very few) who just aren't happy with a purchase they made, or they perhaps recieved a brush as a gift but didn't want it. Maybe they're just trying to get rid of their makeup junk - I know I want to do that sometimes! But be aware that only about 0.1% of them are genuine.

Handles on MAC brushes should be matte black with NO shimmer. Hold your brush up to the natural light & look out for that sneaky shimmer on your handle. See it? Ahhh, I thought so.

Lettering...this is a tricky one. When comparing my MAC 229 logo with my (fake) MAC 182 brush, I noticed the logo on the fake brush was quite different to my other MAC brushes. The 'A' in MAC didn't look the same as it did on my real brush. Watch out for these subtle differences!

Many fakes have different features from authentic brushes. For example - the MAC 187 buffer brush should weight 30g. A fake brush may probably weight 32g. The silver logo & number on a fake brush with overflow the grooves into the outside, whereas the authentic logo & number will be uniform.

If you feel your brush may be fake (which it probably is, may I add!) - ask the seller for a refund, simple as that. Make sure you let the seller know you will only return the brush once you recieve a full refund. These people are sneaky enough as it is: you REALLY think they're going to refund you if you send the brush first? Chances are, they won't.
If they refuse to refund, file a dispute against them.

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