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This is a quick guide to AVI products on eBay - please feel free to contact me with any notes or queries.

There are many real bargains on eBay when you search 'AVI'.

The most obvious is the world class AVI S2000MP preamplifier. Generally selling between £175 and £350, this preamplifier is a complete gem. It is completely transparent, and seems to add nothing (and take nothing away!) from the source signal. Even better, there is very little on Google about it, so the casual buyer will steer clear. One of the best kept high-end secrets of high end hifi. Part of the S2000 range from the 1990's, the matching cd player is also good value, and the monoblocks and integrated amp are also very nice (although these may need new capacitors at their age).

Another bargain are the passive speakers that AVI used to sell. Wait for a pair sold by a private seller - they come up regularly, and, again, lack of Google references means you get a fantastic pair for a fraction of the RRP.

Be aware that AVI will NOT service your old kit. Unless you can do it yourself, or have access to a good electronics repair person, do NOT buy spares/repair items. AVI have transformed themselves in recent years from a specialist high-end company into a mass-market mail order machine for their highly regarded active speakers. In the process they have dropped unprofitable things like aftercare and dealer support.

Now on to pitfalls. The Lab Series CD player is very highly regarded, but when it fails (and it WILL fail) it fails catastrophically as there are no more cd drives to be had - either from AVI or from 3rd party sellers. This model was and is a huge embarassment to AVI and is avoided like the plague by even hard core AVI fans. That said, the rest of the Lab Series range is very good (but no bargains yet on eBay - AVI themselves admit that the top of the range Cambridge Audio models are just as good).

Well that's about it for now - enjoy your AVI purchases, and watch out for more AVI bargains (the original ADM9 active speakers are coming right down in price as the 3rd generation of this model is coming out).

arms_dealer1964    31st October 2010


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