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hi, i am writing this guide to warn you about certain members who have car listings with this link on them or the item number some where on the ad PLEASE DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK. :

My name is Rudolph Walker.

I just saw this item of yours and I remember seeing the same item two days ago, take a look: 

http:  / /3 3 9 2 3 1 9 5 6 4 / ebay / ? ws / eBay ISAPI.dll? View Item & item = 2 0 0 0 8 5 8 4 7 6 3 6

 (the link has been spaced due to ebay not allowing links to items)

this link is used by scammers to get your log-in details and use your account to send unauthorised emails to other members to steal their details too, via a genuine member, once they have your details they can use your account to basically steal other peoples money.

i was looking at car listings and came across this link, so being curious i clicked on it, well it asked me to sign into ebay again so i did, then it said the item never exsited so i left it at that. anyway while checking my eBay today i saw i had a messege, i opened it, it was a very angry member with a very angry reply to a messege that i was ment to have sent, the item the member was selling was selling a car, so i went to check my sent items, and low and behold there was 30-40 messeges been sent to members selling cars with the above messege, which i never sent. so i thought about it and clicked on the link again, went through exactly the same proccess then checked my sent messeges, and guess what, another 30-40 messeges had been sent to  members selling cars.

so i advise you not to click on this link ebay have been informed and i am waiting for the reply which i will post on here, because i am not exactly sure about the amount of damage this link does, but i will keep you all posted. :o)


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