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 I was looking for nicotine lozenges and found a seller with several listings so after reading his feedback I bid on three items and won them all, 9517414151, 9517414462 and 9517413713 on the 13th May 2006.

Mr.S.Jamieson received the money on the 20th May via Paypal. The delay in paying was due to the fact Mr. Jamieson was away from home. As Mr. Jamieson had a vallard reason for his delay in replying to emails, I also accepted that because his work takes him away from home the items may take a little longer to arrive. However, after 2 weeks I had not recieved them or had any response to my several emails. I was unable to contact him at home or by mobile. Realising that I was not going to recieve the items I lodged a paypal claim. They of course investigated and informed me of the sellers lack of response and therefore they awarded me a full refund but were unable to obtain the money as his account was empty.

I then informed ebay about this seller and they of course sent the usual response, it will be looked into. However, I have checked Mr. Jamieson's feedback and found he has done exactly the same to another buyer, dispite the fact I left three negs.  As ebay seems not to have taking action I spoke to my local police office and the detective in question was very keen to look at this matter. He explained that the police were becoming concerned about the number of internet frauds like this and that of pirate mechandise been offered for sale. I gave the officer all the information I had about Mr. Jamieson and after leaving the station felt alot happier than just leaving it to ebay to police the site.

Therefore if you have any concerns about sellers send emails to previous buyers and ask them about the service they recieved. Also look out for another trick used by unscrupulous sellers, that is to list loads of 1p auctions so they can build up their feedback. Be aware of numerous id changes and if its a new seller ask for the sellers info via the ebay find a members link. On the feedback pages check not only feedback but also the number of bid retractions recieved. If after all this you still have a bad feeling, then go with it because there will always be another seller with the item wanted. Last of all if you do have fake mechandise sent or no items at all report it to ebay and the police because fraud is fraud no matter where it happens.

thanks and safe bidding Chrissy


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