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Ab King Pro

Does the Ab king Pro or any ab benches work?

The Ab King Pro ab bench as been around now for a fair few years. It as many tv shopping channel re runs, so for me that in a way answers a lot of questions straight away. The ab king pro must be at very least a good seller and be of a decent quality. WHY? well at the end of the day as a company selling products wherever that may be if you get a product that causes you problems and i mean any kind of problems. Obviously to me the main one as got to be quality. Now if the Ab king pro was poor quality then this would result in many returns and sellers would no longer retail them. It also must work or at least work for most as again they would receive many compliants. Also there are many other versions of the ab king pro on the market, such as the ab master, the ab shaper, the pro ab bench and so on. So again if it was not a good concept then why would there be so many different styles and versions of what in all essence is a lay down bench that gives support while you do waist crunches which in turn will work on your abs. Obviously the more famous version is the Ab King pro as it was the first one to come out with this kind of concept.

I have set out below what the product claims are, this is not my version this is what they say the machine can do.

Product Claims
Ab King Pro offers an amazing 200 degree range of motion that targets your upper, lower, middle abs and obliques all at once with one smooth up and down motion! All you need is just couple of minutes a day, along with proper diet and regular exercise, to tone and flatten your stomach in days, not months! Ab King Pro's rolling wheel action creates a smooth consistent motion to help you get a full range of motion that targets your abs and obliques, firming them quickly and easily. Adjustable resistance level, perfectly suited to any fitness level. Provides proper neck and back support to keep you in perfect form. Folds away for easy storage. Thick padding allows you to exercise in comfort and provides excellent support. Ab King Pro offers you different ranges of motions for different levels of resistance. It is also perfect for every fitness level, it has levels for the beginner to the most fit exercise buff. Product Includes: Ab King Pro Machine & Instructional Guide, Workout Instruction Video, Burn It Up! Conditioning Video, Cardio King Video, Slim Down Plan

Now again only my personal opinion (as that what guides and reviews are all about individual opinions) AS seen on TV products can very often go over the top with what the product can do, i found that out when i bought the miricle no wet wonder foam system. For me it was a waste of money and the results you see on TV are just amazing, i could not get those results if i was doing it all day, yet on the TV in just a few seconds a carpet covered in dirt, oil and shoe polish comes up like new. It often makes you wonder if in those types of adverts do they use a more concerntrated version? Again just my view. Back to the ab king pro bench. Please look on the internet for review sites and correct me if i am wrong but the ones that i have just been looking at, i would say at a guess over 90% are very good reviews. I personally can except that because you know in life that not only can you never keep everyone happy and there's always one that uses something for 5 mins and expects it to work miricles, which again from the sites i looked at it would seem that this is the most common one out of the few poor reveiws. 

Just put in a search ab king pro reviews and you will see plenty come up for it. As i mentioned most rave about it. Everything from i now have a god like figure to the ones that say it as even improved there health or even cured an health problem such as bad back. You obvioulsy get the odd this as done nothing for me review. But in all honesty i put most of them down to people who expect results with no effort.

Anyway i hope that the above information as gone someway in to giving you another opinion of the ab king pro or simular ab benches on the market. Nearly forgot Good luck with the abs and remember that although i and many people think that fitness machines work. They don't do all the work, you obviously have to put some effort in yourself and the best way to do that is to have a strict routine, and what i mean about a rountine is the same time each day. It's a lot easier to get in a routine for example if you say use an ab bench as soon as you get in from work. Or first thing in the morning. that way it becomes part of your daily routine. If you just try to fit it in when you can then i am afraid that there will many a time when you say "will give it a miss today" "just this once" never is it just the once, So rountine is a must.

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