Abercrombie & Fitch

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I've bought so called "Abercrombie & Fitch" products on Ebay a few times, and it would appear that all the sellers are offering the same poor quality, ill fitting and out-dated copies.

 In total I've bought three pairs of badly copied A & F combat trousers and a pair of shorts, in the vain hope that I might one day get an original, but they've all either shrunk after the first wash, or faded to bug*ery as they were patently hopeless copies.

I started to believe that you couldn't get authentic A & F in the UK, as their stores are located solely in the US and Canada, until I logged on to their official website (it's not that hard to find).

 So, for the sake of a only a few quid more than the rubbish that's being sold out there (no offence to ebay, it's down to their sellers), I'll be spending my money on the official A & F site from now on, and buying quality, non counterfeited clothes.

All the best.

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