Abercrombie & Fitch Fakes

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I sell A & F genuine products only which are purchased directly from A & F store in Florida. The exchange rate is great and they have a massive clearance range every time I shop. I purchase when on holiday.
They allow only 20 items to be purchased at once but my husband can also purchase 20 each. Also I visit the store sometimes 3 times.
I have read many of the stories on fake A & F products and I get really angry at the amount of people selling fakes. There is a company in China selling fake goods in bulk and when I went into their site they are selling t-shirts and polos for a few dollars only. I knew immediately that they were fake. This is probably where most of the power sellers are getting their goods.
I read a few reviews which were not accurate. The labels will not always have a label with another attached with a pin. This may be UK stores but definitely not US.
The name of the garment is not shown on the label purchased from the US. This is probably an addition to UK stores only.
If in doubt buyers should ask where the items are coming from.
Also all items I purchase are smelling of A & F as they tend to spray lightly their clothes as they are displayed.
I hope this helps and gives buyers a little bit of hope.
My ebay seller name. derekl68
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