About 15C 15ct 15K 625 Gold Jewellery Jewelry Hallmark

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15C 15ct 15K 625 Gold Jewellery Jewelry Hallmark...A few facts

Only a few words....Occasionally you come across a piece of 15 carat gold. It is usually marked 15ct but sometimes 625. It has a gold content of 625 parts per 1000 or 62.5% gold.
This WAS a British Commonwealth standard for a high carat, strongly yellow and reasonably hard gold that was used in pieces that had a lot of wear like bracelets, chains, etc but high quality gold was still required.
It was discontinued in England as a gold standard in 1932 with the Commonwealth member countries soon following.
SO if you do happen to find a piece of 15ct gold you can nearly be absolutely sure its made before 1932. I say nearly as nothing is absolutely certain in this world.
It seems that around 1932 the USA's 14K gold standard started to predominate throughout the world. 14K gold is slightly harder than 15ct so is superior in wear characteristics.
My personal opinion is that it was not worth the sacrifice of colour. Although the difference between 14ct and 15ct in gold content is small (40 parts per 1000 or 4%), the colour difference is quite substantial. 15ct still has a strong yellow colour while 14k has a paler yellow colour with a very slight greenish tinge. I have handled a lot of gold over the years and it is quite apparent.
The joy is that as there is not a lot around and was generally used in high quality pieces, it is well worth collecting. I have yet to see 15ct reproductions. Just make sure of the condition because wear can be an issue.

LASTLY, I point out that I am not a jeweller and that the above guide is just that, a guide. I am a pawnbroker with 25 years experience. If you want professional advice go to a jeweller.

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