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Introduction about CarePeers:

CarePeers focus on business to sell products that support the "wants" and "needs" of life-span development of babies, children & teenagers as well as to support the "wants" and "needs" of their family. In the long-coming-future, CarePeers will continuously support their "wants" and "needs" even after they grow up to be adults, set up their families and have their children & grand-children.

      CarePeers operate daily business with passion. This means that we love what we are doing and enjoy what we are working on. CarePeers believe that "active listening" is vital for understanding customers' "wants" and "needs". We will be a business that "work together" with customers, and build room for customers to add their ideas and creativity into our products and services.

 After all, CarePeers are about "Caring Others" for a better world, and about "Peering" to create excellence together.


* to make profits by providing good quality products & satisfactory E-commerce services that support the life-span development of babies, children, teenagers and their family with our passion;

* to care the world throught our business operation; &

* to create business success by practicing techniques of leadership, working together (coopeartion, partnership, collaboration), LEAN (efficiency) & customer relationship management.

1. LEADERSHIP: we deploy skills & techniques of "management leadership" in our daily operation to create business success (just like many aerospace companies).

2. WORKING TOGETHER: CarePeers believe partnership, cooperation, collaboration & trust development will be the essential element for business success. CarePeers like to actively listen to other shakeholders opinions (just as in aviation industry).

3. PASSION: CarePeers enjoy to create WORKING FUN, and always like what we are doing in our business operation. CarePeers like to ENCOURAGE one another to overcome challenge.

4. CARING HEART (CSR): CarePeers care for the society, the world, the environment...etc. Carepeers enjoy to help people with charity in daily operation.

5. QUALITY: Carepeers will sell promising goods and provide promising service.

6. CREATIVE: CarePeers will be creative to design new customer services. CarePeers are going to be a brand to design, and to produce its brand products soon.

7. CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT (CRM): CarePeers value all customers as well as their innovative idea, opinion and brainstorm, and effortly maintain our win-win-long-term-relations.

Why do we start our business at Ebay?

Reason 1: we want to test CarePeers' business on Ebay, before we formal run an E-commerce business and further develop our business in the coming future.

Reason 2: we want to create online traffic by using Ebay, so that our sales can be boosted.

Reason 3: we want to gain further understanding about customers' "wants" and "needs" and actively listen to their opinion, before we formal start our businmess.

Reason 4: we enjoy the programming of Ebay that allows CarePeers to conveniently support charity groups, in order to create a better world.


Warm Heart List (These warm-heart-ebay-buyers have generously donate to support charities to create a better world): 

Totta5......18 (USA)(ORBIS), Alphaboudin (FRANCE)(UNICEF), Frodoyodo55 (USA)(OXFAM), Sabrinat2452 (BELGIUM)(OPLC), Xsimply_just_mex (USA)(Red Cross), Mcgrcsr (Turkey)(ORBIS), Sailor.sue (Canada)(Make-A-Wish), Member8967461 (USA)(OXFAM), Nicholsr (USA)(Make-A-Wish), K*synder*2009 (USA)(World WideLife Fund), francesnicole19 (USA)(UNICEF), dragonflyjanis123 (USA)(World WideLife Fund), muth3492 (USA)(UNICEF), tangerine933 (USA)(OPLC), mark1eul (Canada)(OLPC), muth3492 (USA)(UNICEF), littlekittenmew (USA)(UNICEF), chintran (USA)(ORBIS), brandiricky (USA)(OXFAM), muth3492 (USA)(Save The Children - Emergency donation to typhoon Haiyan victims 2013), geoffbass (USA)(Save The Children - Emergency donation to typhoon Haiyan victims 2013), cherryc3 (USA)(WWF), lilbabypoohbear (USA)(World WildLife Fund), paticunha (USA)(OXFAM), roochipoochi (USA)(world WildLife Fund), cap27cheung (USA)(Red Cross), muth3492 (USA)(UNHCR: UN Regugee Agent), ro201313 (USA)(OBRIS), mudspecialist (USA) (UNICEF), mustanggmomma (USA) (Doctor Without Borders), 520tgallant (USA) (The Salvation Army World Service Office), karla.garcia32 (USA)(OPLC), olgat82013 (USA)(ORBIS), paticunha (Brazil)(Oxfam), silverfox9257 (UK)(Save the Children - 2015 Nepal Earthquake), meiying14 (USA)(World Vision), alanaroerts (UK)(UNICEF), brandiricky (USA)(Oxfam), kroci-2015 (Czech Republic)(Red Cross), 
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CarePeers CSR Charity Support:

"CarePeers" believe that caring about the world is very important, and "working together" to care others will be amid to create a more perfect-love-warm-world. Therefore, "Care Peers" decided to "work together" with honest charity group by making donation in my sellings' transactions to those who need help. 

In this video are the charity organisations that "CarePeers" have supported during our "test business" on Ebay since 2012, which include:

Red Cross
ORBIS International
Doctors Without Borders
Save the Children
Make A Wish
One Laptop per Child (OPLC)
The Salvation Army World Service Office (SAWAS)

In August 2014, we will also include:

World Vision
UNICEF Tap Project

Please note that "CarePeers" has relationship only and merely as "charity donor" by Ebay/Paypal Giving Work. "CarePeers" are registered donor at Hong Kong Red Cross and UNICEF Hong Kong.

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