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Hi there. I myself have recently purchased a fake Lyle & Scott polo shirt from an Ebay seller. This was from Thailand so I should have expected it really. However, I was still very annoyed and so have written this guide to help you spot a fake.

As I have said if the goods are from Thailand I would immediately be very wary. Also, if someone says that the item will be shipped from abroad to them then this is something a bit "fishy".

A genuine Lyle & Scott polo shirt will have Lyle & Scott Vintage on the tag and the label. Most of the counterfeits have Lyle & Scott Scotland on tags and labels.

Also, on a genuine Lyle & Scott polo shirt the eagle logo should be approx 2.5 centremetres in height and width. The logos on the fake items are larger than this. Also, you should be able to make out certain details on the eagle quite easily like the eye and feathers on the wings. On the fake shirts there is no eye on the eagle logo.

One last thing. The buttons on the genuine polo shirt are embossed with Lyle & Scott twice and are a lighter shade of the colour of the polo shirt (i.e. if shirt is green the buttons should be lighter shade of green). The buttons on the fake shirts are plain with nothing embossed on.

Hope this guide helps and prevents you from being stung the way I was by people selling fake goods; and please if you receive a counterfeit item report the seller to Ebay. I have just searched for Lyle & Scott items and have seen a number of fakes. Please be careful.

Thanks, SpiceboyP.

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