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This info below applies to all items I sell regardless of what I sell.


I'm a UK seller but I post worldwide. UK delivery is 1st class. Rest of the world has tracking and insurance and should take between 1-3 weeks. You won't have to pay any customs charges.


Just ask. I'll respond within 12 hours.


Any Blurays I sell are in NTSC format. If you don't know what NTSC & PAL is:

European TV programmes are broadcast in PAL format. USA uses NTSC.
Pal is 720 x 576 (576i resolution)
NTSC is 720 x 480 (480i resolution). What my Blurays are in.
If you have a PS3, it supports NTSC no matter what country you bought your PS3in.

Look in the manual for your TV & Bluray Player or type in the model name at Google to find the specifications of your product. If is says it supports NTSC or 480i or 480p then the discs will work.

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