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Welcome/About Our Products

At Cut-Price-Outlet we sell both new and refurbished items, often customer returns, and we aim to provide great value and great serv ice.

What Can I Buy?

At Cut-Price-Outlet you can buy both new and refurbished items.
New items are products that have now been, or are about to be, discontinued. They come complete with all the necessary parts and accessories and most are still in their original packaging – we’ll tell you in our description if this is not the case. In some instances the packaging may be damaged, but don’t let that put you off – the product inside will be pristine!
Refurbished items may be classed as such for a number of reasons. They may or may not be in their original packaging. If supplied in original packaging this may be marked, and alternative packaging material may be used for internal packaging.
Our refurbished items are customer returns. A large proportion of these items have never been used. They might, for example, be unwanted gifts or products customers have simply changed their minds about, which have then been returned. All of these products have been checked, inspected, repaired (if necessary), fully tested and re-boxed complete with all accessories.
Refurbished products may be non-pristine – for example they may show signs of minimal use, which may include minor cosmetic marks which do not affect the functionality in any way.
All refurbished items will be clearly marked in the description.
All our products offer amazing value for money.
The terms and condition set out across our information tabs will apply to any order that you place for goods on our ebay store. 


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