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The Different Stones





Hot Fix Stones already have glue on the back.

You can find instructions for how to fix them with one of the other links.

There are different types of glue, according to manufacturer and use.

The Value stones are only available in Hot Fix.

  • Green Glue           this glue is various shades of green. It is water proofed and enables the stones to be washed including through the washing machine. When heated it does dry clear.
  • White Glue            this glue is almost transparent to start with. It dries clear and shows the back of the stone as silver. The glue is not waterproofed and so may well come off the garment when washed in  a washing machine. It is made for transparent fabrics where the back of the stone may be seen. For example wedding veils. We only stock this in crystal.

Preciosa and Swarovski

These companies supply Rhinestones in both Hot Fix and Glue On.

Their glue is white but has been waterproofed and should not come off when the garment is washed in a washing machine.

          These stones have no glue on the back and need to be fixed using an appropriate   glue. One of the recommended and one of the best glues is Gem Tac.

They do not manufacture the value stones without glue.

Handy equipment for gluing stones is tweezers, cotton buds and a little pot for the glue.



Acrylic rhinestones are not as sparkly as glass.

Glass rhinestones are  not as sparkly as lead crystal stones.


Value Hot Fix Rhinestones

The majority of these stones come from Korea. There are many different companies that make them and the quality varies greatly. China also make these stones, though often they have factories in Korea to supply them.

The stones are made from glass and a pressed and polished with two cuts to the top for the 'table' and the bottom.

Preciosa also make an extra grade stone that is not machine cut but moulded and polished and is made purely from glass.

Depending on the project these stones are excellent value for money, they do sparkle beautifully, the colours are gorgeous and due to the price they can be used in abundance!!


Preciosa make a variety of quality of stones. They have the extra grade as mentioned above but their best stones are Lead Crystal Machine Cut.

They have two qualities in these.   The 12 Cut and the 8 Cut......both of them a superior stone

  • The 12 cut has 12 facets surrounding a smaller table...the light is broken up more as it hits the stone with its many facets and gives it a more glittery effect, much like the Swarovski.
  • The 8 cut has 8 facets surrounding a larger table.....as the light hits this stone there is a greater flash as the shard of light is reflected in a greater chunk.

So which of the above two is more sparkly?

There is a widening opinion that up close the 12 cut seems more sparkly but from a distance it has to be the 8 Cut.

Which do I use?

For dance costumes.....it is the 8 Cut.....they look fantastic on the floor!! I prefer this stone to the Swarovski or the 12 Cut Preciosa.


Swarovski is the name when folk think about a prestigious Rhinestone. Yes they are Lead Crystal and are top quality and beautiful. They are also very good at advertising and are very expensive!! Are they better than Preciosa? I don't think so.

The Swarovski stone at the moment has 14 facets with a fabulous choice of colours and effects. They also have some large sew on stones that are stunning and not yet available from Preciosa.

So maybe the choice of stone is greater, but don't be swayed by the idea they are better quality. It is up to you to make your own opinion, it isn't a fact!!

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