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Besthandles is constantly updating their tools and their process with a focus on innovation and

offering better reliability and customer service. The company produces quality and elegance in

current core values for quality and reliability, the company is consistently changing to meet the

demands of this extremely competitive industry.

With an extensive product range you can get a variety of different furniture accessories that are

made to suit product styles in domestic and foreign markets. Exclusive manufacturing facilities are

also capable of producing large­scale orders which ensures that Besthandles can keep up with

any demand.

Our team is capable of working under tight deadlines and within your budget as well. We have

extremely flexible pricing options made to suit nearly any company. This means that if you are a

start­up furniture manufacturer or a longstanding brand we can come up with solutions that suit

your needs.

Besthandles has extensive experience offering wholesale and bulk discounts. If you see any item

in our catalogue that you would like to use for mass production purposes feel free to contact us

and email the style number, quality, colour and size for a free price quote on wholesale orders.

Feel free to browse our catalog or contact us today  to learn more about.

the products thats we can offer you or to receive a quote on wholesale products.
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