About eBay Fees

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Every seller is a hard working individual who tries to make money or a good business online but how can we expand our business if eBay takes a big cut from our items leaving us with small amounts of money we already pay Paypal and the post office then the actual cost of buying the item some people just want to take some stuff they don't want out of their house but see the amount it goes for on eBay first and thinks "this is half of what a payed last year, oh well just get rid of it" then the listing fee comes and think "OK we have to pay eBay something we are using their site" so after days you sell the item, and eBay just took 10% then Paypal took 5% and then postage and the price of buying the item so for example i buy a toy for £1 and sell it for £2 and postage another £1 so you think you will make £1 profit WRONG !!!! eBay will charge a listing fee of at least 40 p so just say 40p then charge 10% of final value fee which is 20p then another 5% of Paypal transaction fee so 10p then you lose 70p which means you only made 30p so they have taken 70% of our profit, making us work for them big companies, which is not right to use us like that we should all complain with eBay to lower the percentage of final value fee at least down to 5% you may think it is not much but it will have a big impact on our selling fee.

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