Abru 3 Way Combi Ladder

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I thought I'd write a little guide on these as I took ages to decide which ladders to buy and thought that this may help others to decide!

I bought these as they were a great price (under £40 new) and suited my needs: getting into the loft (extended ladder); general household tasks ("A" frame ladder/step ladder); and decorating (both of the aforementioned plus stairwell ladder).

So far, I have used all but the last combination.

What I would say is that putting up the laddres into your desired position is a bit clumsy and fiddley - and for the step ladder you have to manually flick up the "stays" on each side so that the ladders lock into position. I have used easier ladders in the past, that's for sure!

For that reason, they don't seem too sturdy when you put them up - however,they seem fine when you actually go up them!

So, to summarise, for under £40, if the 3 combinations are all you'll need and you don't mind them being a bit fiddley to assemble, these are the ladders for you - pretty good price, I'd say:-)

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