Abusive Car buyers

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I am 68 years old, have never been on eBay before, but had my Mustang up for Sale. The winning bidder promised to send his brother - for pick-up and payment - BEFORE banking hours. His brother showed up at 18:30 - and immediately started to knock down the car, very abusively so. I said nothing, just looked at him, and started up the car. I repeated what I had told his brother, that the car had glass fiber wings. He immediately said: ''That is mid-description, this car is not worth 8500.'' I had been warned about this tactic - by car buyers, so I asked him to leave, politely so.

Next day the winning brother called and strongly suggested that we both do NOT say anything bad about each other to eBay. 'My wife has a big business on eBay'. I told him nothing, I just rang off. 

Now his brother has posted this reference about me on eBay qte ''Avoid this Seller at all costs, just trying to rip you off, false description'' unqte.

A harrowing experience - and so VERY undeserved.  Suggestions to fight back are very welcomed. 

Regards,  Solreven



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