Account Theft

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I recently had my account hijacked and items were listed using my name.  Guess what I did?  FREAKED OUT!

So if anyone can help from what I have gone through then I would like to help. 

Firstly I went on to the discussion board where I was very generously helped by forum members.  I was given a link to use:

This allowed me to report the activity and get further advice. 

I did chew the ear off the poor guy and he reassured me that they would do everything to help and removed the listings (even though I had already ended them myself) and reimbursed me the charges. 

My main conern though was the worry of what else the hijackers could do with personal information.  Ebay walked me through everything and also gave me a link to give to the police in case they needed to speak to them directly. 

I phoned the police who did take a report and gave me a crime number.  I did not expect them to do anything further and to be fair I didn't want them to waste their time either but they took down the details which I believe now protects me from further liability.  My advice is to:

  • please don't panic and get in touch with ebay immediately.
  • Change all passwords to something difficult to work out. 
  • Phone the police to report the incident and get a crime number in case anything further develops.

For extra support visit the forums.  I know I have been really frustrated with ebay in the past but both ebay and the forum members were amazing and talked me from being an hysterical woman freaking out to a calmer one who was able to do damage control.

Hope this helps guys

Best Wishes


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