Acrylic Application

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Step 1 - Wash Hands

Step 2 - Prep nails with a medium grit file to remove the shine, go back and forth the direction of nail growth.

Step 3 - Remove dust with a clean nail bruish. (The plastic nail brush with nylon bristles are good and easy to sanitize)

Step 4 - Size tips (tips should go from the nail side wall to sude wall)  and apply with brush on glue (brush on glue allows more control)

Step 5 - Cut nail tips, shape and buff surface gently. (Do not over buff, remove shine from nail tip) Or use nail forms for sculpting instead of tips.

Step 6 - Apply a dehydrydrator (nail prep) and follow with primer to the nail plate only. (not the tip)

Step 7 - Pour a small amount of liquid into a dappen dish. Dish brush into liquid and then white powder to make a ball.

Step 8 - Apply the ball to form the tip (Zone 1) which should be slightly dry.

Step 9 - Apply a medium wet ball of pink or clear to the nail plate to make the body of the nail. (Do not allow product to come into contact with the skin)

Step 10 - Apply a small wet ball to the cuticle area (Do not allow product to come into contact with the skin)

Step 11 - Apply a wet clear ball over the top of nail if needed.

Step 12 - File, Shape and contour the nails.

Step 13 - Buff and apply cuticle oil and cleanse

Step 14 - Choose your choice of finish, Top Coat, UV Top Coat or Gel Sealer.






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