Acrylic Mirrors - User Care Information

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Star Shaped Acrylic Novelty Mirror from Display Essentials
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Star Shaped Acrylic Novelty Mirror from Display Essentials

Care Information

Please read and digest the information below when purchasing and using our range of acrylic mirrors.

Receiving and Installing

When you receive your acrylic mirror there may be a protective plastic covering on the face.  This should be carefully removed before using - it's easy to peel off.

Our acrylic mirrors are exactly that, acrylic - plastic.  They are not as rigid as glass.  If they were completely rigid, they'd snap!  When you receive your mirror the reflection might appear slightly distorted but once fitted correctly to a flat surface this should not be evident.  If you have any questions about this please contact us before fitting, we'll be happy to offer advice.

Depending upon the type of mirror you have ordered, there may be some adhesive pads or strips, either already attached or loose in the packet.  If they are supplied loose, please make sure the back face of your mirror is clean, free of dust and fingermarks, etc, and careful but firmly apply the adhesive in the most suitable place for where you wish to display the mirror. 

Painted walls, coated wooden walls, damp areas such as bathrooms, warm areas such as kitchens, may need extra attention or additional tape - any kind of strong double sided adhesive tape or pads should be suitable.  Take care to check your mirror regularly to make sure it is still secure in place - it's the responsibility of the owner/user to ensure their own safety!

If your wall is not perfectly flat, it is possible the image might appear slightly distorted.  It's not a fault with the mirror, it's caused by the surface it's stuck to.  You may wish to ask another person to hold the mirror firmly in place before using the adhesive, so you can check before fitting it.

If you need to remove your mirror, you will need to take extra care that removing the adhesive pads does not damage the surface they are stuck to.  Painted walls, coated wood, etc will almost certainly need to be "touched up" after removing the adhesive.

To remove adhesive you can try using nail varnish remover or WD40 type cleaner.  Be careful - these might react with the surface of the wall and leave marks.  Choose your materials carefully and ask advice in the DIY shop before purchasing and using.

To reposition the mirror please use a suitable adhesive pad or tape.

Acrylic Mirror from Display Essentials
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Acrylic Mirror from Display Essentials



Sorry for shouting but this is so important.  Your mirror is made of high quality acrylic but will scratch or react to chemicals.  You shouldn't need to use anything more than warm soapy water and a soft kitchen cleaning cloth or sponge.  Take care when using mirrors in bedrooms where hairspray is used - wipe the mirror regularly.

After Sales Advice

If you need advice please feel free to contact us via the eBay message service from the link on your order.  Many thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy using your mirror.  Please visit our Shop at to see our full range of mirrors and other products.
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