ActivClear Anti Acne Cream Review. The Truth Revealed!

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With thousands of acne treatments, pills, creams and remedies on the market, it's virtually impossible to determine which acne treatments are genuine and which ones don't work at all. Today's review is for ActivClear All Natural Anti-Acne Cream, which is an Acne Skin Treatment Cream, and claims to Clear up acne breakouts fast - within 2 to 7 days for most people.

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Today's Acne Review: ActivClear Anti Acne Cream

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What is ActivClear?

Nutrica ActivClear claims to be a natural acne treatment that will help you get rid of acne, including whiteheads, blackheads, red spots, body acne and adult acne, fast. It is a natural cream in a tube of 40ml. When it comes to how much you need to use, ActivClear offers a choice of three programs. This is just saying basically use more if your acne is worse.  Im always very sceptical about treatments that try and get you to use more and more, in order that the company sells more tubes and makes more money. This product smells of Tea Tree, as is contains Tea Tree Oil, and after a bit of investigation, I found that the company manufactures this item in Asia, in what they claim to be a 'Pharaceutical Setting'  (God only knows what that means, but im not hearing good things about shady products manufactured in these places) But all facts aside, lets delve a little deeper to see whats really under the skin of this product...

What are the Claims? (According To Manufacturer)

"ActivClear anti-acne cream is specifically formulated to:

    Clear up acne breakouts fast - within 2 to 7 days for most people.
    Eliminate red spots and blemishes - get rid of them up to 80% faster!
    Work for body acne and adult acne, as well as regular acne breakouts.
    Help prevent future acne breakouts.
    Achieve & maintain healthy skin and clear complexion.

ActivClear has no unwanted side effects and will not dry out your skin. It won't irritate sensitive skin and is convenient to use. ActivClear dries clear, and can be used under cosmetics."

What Ingredients are in ActivClear?

Claim: "ActivClear contains only natural ingredients with antiseptic properties to fight and help quickly clear up existing acne breakouts. These ingredients are high quality tea tree oil, zinc sulfate, and vitamin A. "

Tea Tree Oil - A natural antibacterial and antifungal solution derived from the leaves of the Melaleuca tree or Tea Tree plant. This natural ingredient will help fight existing acne and prevent future breakouts.

Zinc Sulfate - An essential ingredient for skin health, zinc is a natural element that has also been shown to be beneficial in the treatment of acne.

Vitamin A - Besides its famous function in the maintenance of proper vision health, vitamin A is also necessary to maintain healthy skin and fight acne breakouts.

Vitamin B1 - This water soluble vitamin is necessary for normal protein metabolism to maintain proper cellular growth.

Vitamin B5 - In addition to its beneficial effects in helping counteract stress and promote metabolism, building new cells, and maintaining normal cell growth, vitamin B5 also helps protect skin against the signs of aging.

Vitamin B6 - This essential vitamin helps strengthen your immune system, maintain proper metabolism, and prevent skin damage.

Vitamin E - A powerful anti-oxidant, this skin soluble vitamin helps maintain healthy cells by eliminating harmful free radicals generated in the course of cell metabolism.

Protodioscin - The active ingredient in the herb Tribulus terrestris, protodioscin helps to maintain optimal cell health by maintaining the proper balance of natural metabolites and hormones in your body.

Whats the conclusion on the Activ Clear Anti Acne Cream?

ActivClear cream seems to be a run of the mill Acne Cream Cure.  There are many other creams I have come across that seem to offer very similar ingredients.  I read the Clinical Studies documented on their website, and all I can say is i'm far from impressed. They seem to think that Tea Tree Oil on its own can have similar effects to benzoylperoxide on the skin, which I doubt very much.  This product is manufactured by Nutrica, who make other products including slimming and sexual health products, and in my opinion, do not specialise in skin treatments. I am very wery of companies that seem to manufacture wide ranges of very different products, as they do not usually have the resources to really excell in one particular area.

Your consumer ratings say it all in this case, as most of you thought it was a waste of time.  its a shame there is no regulation on these items to help us really understand what works and what doesnt, but dont worry too much, acne_rater always gives you the best review and up to date customer ratings for all acne products on the market.

Thanks for reading my review on ActivClear Anti Acne Cream, please visit our site where you can add your own ratings and share your experiences with other people fighting the same battle.

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