Address Details are important and impacts on delivery.

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Knowing where you live sounds really simple, unfortunately many ebay users don't seem to know this simple information. I am of course talking about correct postal addresses. I have had complaints in the past over the length of item an item takes to be delivered, when I have investigated this is I often find that the buyer has given the incorrect postal address. I now have to waste a lot of time checking addresses, if an address looks strange I will often check on Royal Mails address finder web site and in most cases the buyer doesn't seem to know which city or town they live in.
A few examples City shown as Manchester - you live in STOCKPORT.
Liverpool you live in BOOTLE.
London you live in STAINES.
The other problem is missing out the city or town completely and just showing a village name, you have to provide correct information for Banks, DVLA, Tax Office, insurance companies etc why can't you register your correct address on Ebay?
Please make life easier for sellers and show your proper address as this will speed up delivery of your purchase.

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